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We believe uniforms are important.  Uniforms distinguish our scouts from other organizations.  Wearing a uniform to events signifies you are part of a bigger team—with the same values and beliefs.Learn more about BSA uniforms

The troop will provide some items to you when you complete the scouting application and join the troop. 

In the front of the Scout handbook, is a guide for location of patches.  This link provides a generic inspection uniform checklist.  Some items must be bought at the Council Scout Store in Pensacola either in person or by phone (made easily to our local store). Other items, may be ordered online at the National BSA store. But please check with our Scout Shop first; prices are the same but delivery is faster and our Council benefits financiallyOur troop also has uniform locker which has donated items from scouts that have left scouting—all in good shape.  These items can be purchased for pennies on the dollar. Please see the Scoutmaster for current stock.

The following are TROOP 157 requirements:

We do not have a troop hat.  But if you wear a hat, it should be an appropriate scout hat.  You may be asked to remove inappropriate hats at scouting functions. 

Shirt and Neckwear
BSA has a short and long sleeve shirt.  For our warm climate location, short sleeve shirts are more appropriate. Field Uniform (CLASS A) meaning uniforms worn at all official BSA functions, meetings, events, travel to and from camp/outings. Short sleeve tan shirt with green (Boy Scout) shoulder loops on epaulets. Our troop wears a blue neckerchief (which is provided when you join the troop). In any case, the collar should be unbuttoned. We wear our neckerchief under the collar with a neckerchief slide. Activity Uniform (CLASS B): Troop T-shirt or BSA t-shirt worn under Class A or to casual events and activities. Troop t-shirts are often available for purchase and camps sell t-shirts for Class B wearing. 

Merit Badge sashes are worn at formal occasions - Courts of Honor, Boards of Review, and Scoutmaster Conferences.  The neckerchief is worn for all formal occasions and at events where the Field Uniform is worn (other than troop meetings).  

Olive web with BSA insignia on buckle, official leather with international-style buckle or buckle of your choice or a scout-made leather belt with BSA buckle.

Official, olive, scout pants, short or long.  Zip off legs are helpful. Supplex or cotton, your choice.

Official BSA socks.  There are ankle or crew style socks available on-line or at our local scout store.

There are no official BSA shoes.  A sturdy shoe is recommended.  Must be closed toe and heel (e.g. no Croc style or flip flops allowed during scouting events, except when in the shower at camp.

No official BSA jacket required, however, there are several that can be purchased.