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Welcome to Scouting!

We believe there's no other program that allows you to experience so many GREAT opportunities. Shooting, climbing, swimming, canoeing, camping—and we have over 120 merit badges that will provide you with fun and educational activities to remember.

Earning rank, from Scout to Eagle is a journey that will take you several years.But along the way, you'll learn lifelong skills and make friends that you'll remember forever.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Visit a couple of troops in the area.  Each one has a different style and flavor--some do more camping than others; some do more hiking; some do more water activities. Troops meet at different times—find a troop that fits both you and your parent(s) needs and schedules.
  • Complete the BSA Scout application and Troop permission forms. Pay any associated start up fees.
  • Parent (s) ... ask what you can do to help. Parent involvement and support is crucial to a great scouting program. Fill out an adult application and find out what you can do to help.
  • Your scout leader will place you in a patrol--so, write down names, make a few friends, and get a copy of the troop roster.
  • Buy a scout handbook; ask your leader where you can purchase uniform items (Pensacola Gulf Coast Scout Store, National Scout Store, troop uniform lockers, online, etc).  Find out what items the troop will provide and what items you need to purchase.
  • DO NOT rush out and buy tents, sleeping bags, camping gear—talk with your scout leader first. Some troops provide all the gear and some troops provide only eating/cooking equipment—it depends on your troop.
  • Sit down with your scout leader and discuss the first step to rank advancement.
  • You're on your way!